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Web Scraping With Python and Requests-HTML (with Example)

In this web scraping tutorial, you will learn how to extract SEO information from a website using Python Requests-HTML. Learn how to extract meta tags, headings and broken links from a web page.

Web Scraping With Selenium in Python (with Example) – Browser Automation

Easy tutorial to help non-developers install Selenium Webdriver using Python. Selenium Webdriver is an amazing tool for SEO automation.

Python Requests Library (Examples and Video)

The Python requests library is used to make HTTP requests in Python. Python Requests Example In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the

Install Git and Github in VSCode

The first step to being able to use Github with VSCode is to set-up Git on your computer and enable in it VSCode. This post

What are Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and Why Use Them?

Integrated development environments (IDE) are used by developers to improve their computer programming workflow through the use of multiple integrated tools. In this tutorial, we
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Web Scraping with XPath (with Python Example)

In this tutorial, you will learn what Xpath is and how to leverage Xpath in web scraping. XPath allows you to locate exact elements within

Web Scraping with CSS Selectors (with Python Examples)

In this tutorial, you will learn what CSS Locators are and how to leverage CSS Selectors in web scraping. CSS Selectors allow you to locate

Python Data Types

In Python programming, a data type is the classification of data that defines the possible operations that can be done on the object. Python has

Python Tuples (with Examples)

In Python, Tuples are a data structure of the sequence type that store a collection of data. Python Tuples have these 5 characteristics. Here are

Python Control Flows

Control flows in Python defines the order that the computer executes statements, instructions or function calls in a script. They are used to write more

Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup (in Python)

Today, you will learn about how to do web scraping with BeautifulSoup. You will learn how to use the requests library to fetch web pages


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How to Push to Github (from VSCode) – Create Projects and Repositories

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a code editor that helps you to develop, run and debug code with built-in syntax highlighting, code completion and commit

Sitemap Couldn’t fetch (Could not be read) in Google Search Console

To fix the Sitemap Couldn’t fetch error in Google Search Console you need to make sure that the sitemap is available at the URL where

Web Scraping (with Examples)

In this tutorial, you will learn what is web scraping and how to perform web scraping. What is Web Scraping Web scraping is the process

Python Sets (with Examples)

Sets in Python are one of the 4 data types used to store collections of data: dictionaries, lists, sets, tuples. Sets can be defined using

WordPress API with Python

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the WordPress API with Python. The WP API is an Application Programming Interface that allows you

3 Ways to Run Python Code (Terminal, Shell, IDEs and Notebooks)

In this beginner Python tutorial, you will learn about the 3 ways that you can use to run Python. Along the way, you will learn

Reddit API with Python (Complete Guide)

We will look how to get your credentials and to use the API. We will cover everything, from making a simple request, to using the two most popular wrappers: PRAW and Pushshift. From extracting data to posting to a Subreddit.

Boost Your SEO with Machine Learning: A Guide to GSC Using Python and Plotly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for any website hoping to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs). One way to improve your SEO

Git Clone Command: How to Clone a Git Repository (Remote and Local)

In this tutorial, you will learn about how to use the git clone command to clone an existing repository from a remote. Cloning a repository

Data Visualization in Python

Data visualization is critical for data analysis. Without it, it is challenging, or sometimes even impossible to share insights on your data. In this tutorial,

What are HTTP Requests

In this article, we will learn what HTTP Requests are, and how you can leverage them in SEO, web scraping and building web applications. Understanding

Install Git on Windows and Mac OS X

Git is a version control tool that allows you to manage versions of your files on your local machine. To be able to use it

Get Started With Github

Github is a cloud based repository that will be of great use when trying to do SEO automation and Machine Learning projects. You’ll be able

Getting Started with Python – Python for Beginners

In this Python for Beginners tutorial we will learn how to get started with Python. I will assume that you have installed python properly. Let’s

What is Version Control

A version control system is a tool to help developers manage changes made to files and directories. There are multiple version control systems, but in

Python Strings

Strings in Python are used to define text component and are stored as a str data type. Strings can be defined using the quote notation:

Python Variables

In Python programming, a variable is a container that stores data values. Creating a Variable in Python Output Variables Can Have Multiple Data Types Output

What is Staging in Git

Git has a staging area that stores file changes that have not been committed yet. It is a step that allows you to continue making

What is a Git Repository

A git repository is the location where is stored the data related to your files, directories and git history for a Git Project. In this

Python Lists

In Python, lists are one of the 4 data types used to store collections of data. (multiple items in a single variable) The 4 data

What is the Git Diff Command (with Examples)

Git diff is a Git command that can be used to compare differences between files. The git diff command runs a diff function on the

How to use the Wikidata API (with Python Examples)

In this tutorial, we will use the Python Requests library in order to fetch data from the Wikidata API. We will learn in detail how

How to Install Python (MacOS, Windows and Linux)

In this Python for Beginners tutorial chapter, you will learn how to install Python on MacOS and Windows. For each, we will look at the

Python Dictionaries

Python dictionaries are an unordered collection of key-value pairs. Dictionaries are a mappings data type used to store collections of data. The 4 data types

Job Industry SEO

Job search in Google’s job search engine (also known as Google for Jobs) isn’t exactly the same as their regular search engine. In fact, Google

Create and Run a Python Script Using Terminal (Command Line)

Read this post if you want to learn how to create Python files from terminal. A Python file (or script) is a file written in

Flickr API with Python

Welcome to this tutorial where we will learn how to use the Flickr API with Python. Documentation What is the Flickr API Flickr has an

Teleport API with Python (How to Get Geographical Data)

The teleport API allows to gather data about a geographical areas for free. Teleport allows you to gather data from cities such as: In this

Github Pull Requests: Fork and Merge a Repository (step-by-step)

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a simple pull request on Github. For this to be clearer, I have my friend’s account

Setting Up Git For the First Time (git config)

The Git configuration file is used to store the configuration of a git repository. If you have never used Git before, you likely need to

Create an Delete a Branch on Github Repository

On Github, you can easily create or delete branches from a Git Repository. What Are Branches? Branches are virtual environments that you can make changes

Predictive-based Clustering with representative redirect targets

How does Google handle duplicate content on the Web? One of the many ways is that they compare URL patterns to predict which ones are

3 Ways to Install Python on MacOS (with VIDEO)

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to install python3 on MacOS. MacOS comes with Python 2 preinstalled, but you will want to install Python

How to Install Python on Windows 10 (with VIDEO)

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to install Python on Windows 10. Make sure that you follow each step without skipping ahead. Installing Python

De-Duplication at Google: Using the aged of Portions in a Document

How does Google know if two documents are duplicate when portions of the document change at a high rate? The patent titled “Updating search engine

What is Hashing (and how it works). Checksums, hash functions and more!

Hashing is the process of transforming a key or a string of characters into another value. The conversion is done using a hashing algorithm (function).

The 6 BEST Github Repository to learn Data Science (for FREE)

There are a lot of free Github repositories out there to learn Machine Learning and Data Science. Here are the BEST 6 Free repositories available

What is an Application Programming Interface (How to use APIs) – Tutorial with Examples

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a way of communication between various software components. It is a method in which applications give access to their data

How Google Knows if a Document is Fresh? (Determining Document Freshness)

How does Google know if a document if fresh? Better yet, from that knowledge, does Google Search use document freshness in ranking? This article will

How to Use Google Colab for Python (With Examples)

Google Colab is a free Jupyter notebook that allows to run Python in the browser without the need for complex configuration. It comes with Python

What is a “Document” for Google?

In this post, I will explain what a document is when referred to by Google. What is a Document? According to various patents, a “document”

Python Script Automation Using Task Scheduler (Windows)

Automate SEO Tasks using Python and Windows task scheduler

Query Categorization Based on Image Results

Query categorization can be used by Google to improve image search results by comparing image annotations to query categories. In this post, I will cover

Regex For SEO: How to use Regular Expressions (with Examples)

In this guide, I will show you how to use Regex for SEO, even if you have no programming knowledge.

How to Push Code to Github (From Git Bash and VSCode)

Here is how you can upload a file or a folder to your Github repository using Git Bash and VSCode. To push code to a

Crontab: Run Python Scripts using CRON jobs (on Mac) – Automation & Scheduling

The simplest way to do automation with Python is by using crontab (cron) on Mac or Task Scheduler on Windows. In this guide, you will

Ranking Search Results, Google patent by Navneet Panda

In this article, I will cover some of what I have learned reading the “Ranking Search Results” Google patent by Navneet Panda and Vladimir Ofitserov.

Image Retrieval: Information Retrieval in (Google) Image Search Engine

Google’s “Image retrieval” patent is about how the Google Image Search Engine manages duplicate images and how the collections of duplicate images are ranked when

How Google Uses Anchors in Ranking Search Results

User behaviour impacts rankings. What if your web page ranks 9th for a query? Your page may not get much user behaviour data to show

Image SEO: How the Google Image Search Engine Works

In this post, we will learn in great details how the Google’s Image Search Engine works and the engineering behind it. In this article we

How Google Displays Images Within Web Search Results?

Have you ever wondered how Google decides whether or not they should, or even where to show images in web search results? In this post,

How Google Selects the Most Representative Image of a Set

In this post, I will cover some of what I have learned reading the Google patent titled “Selection of an Image or Images Most Representative

Clustering Queries for Image Search at Google

In this post, I will cover some of what I have learned reading the Google patent titled “Clustering Queries for Image Search” by Yushi Jing,

Improve PageSpeed on my WordPress Site

Improving PageSpeed on your WordPress website can be a challenging endeavour, but it is possible. In this post, I will show you each step to

Search Results Annotations at Google

Google search results go way beyond the regular 10 blue links. Ever wondered how the enrichments (or snippets) are displayed in search engine results? In

Clone a Github Repository on Your Computer (with Example) – Windows

You have created a repository on Github and want to create a local copy on your computer? We will use the git clone command in

TF-IDF on Google Search Console Data

In this tutorial, we will combine the queries extracted from Google Search Console data into TF-IDF word vectors. This tutorial is Part-2 of a series

k-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) in Python

k-Nearest Neighbors is a machine learning algorithm used in supervised learning to predict the label of data points by looking what is the majority in

Install MySQL and PHPMyAdmin With XAMPP

This guide will show you how to install MySQL and PHPMyAdmin With XAMPP. What is Xampp? Xampp is a useful Apache distribution installer that will

Machine Learning (ML) – Complete Guide

This introduction to machine learning tutorial will give you the theory and the tools to help you learn what is machine learning, What is Machine