Learn Git and Github (Complete Guide)

Web developers need to learn Git and Github. That is a no brainer.

There are also good reasons for others working in the web to start learning how to use Github.

Why Use Git and Github?

  1. It is a fantastic way to collaborate on web projects.
  2. You’ll always have a backup what you are working on and will never loose previous versions of your work.
  3. You’ll grow faster by being able to leverage code written by others to build your own projects.

Getting Started With Git

My advice to you is to use VSCode with Github as is makes it easier to work projects and commit to Github without remembering all the commands.

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It is good to learn those commands anyway to understand better how to use version control.

Become a Git Master

Although very powerful, Git is very complex. I highly recommend that you follow Datacamp’s Git course to really become comfortable with Git commands and avoid painful mistakes.

Version Control with Git and Github Tutorial

In this course on version control using Git and Github you will learn:

  • How to Get Started with Git and Github
  • Version Control and Git Basics
  • How to Use Git and Github
  • How to use Git and Github with VSCode
  • More Advanced Git Tips…

Getting Started with Git and Github

Install Git on Windows and Mac OS X

Git is a version control tool that allows you to manage versions of your files on your local machine. To be able to use it … Read More

Get Started With Github

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Setting Up Git For the First Time (git config)

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Basics of Git and Version Control

What is Version Control

A version control system is a tool to help developers manage changes made to files and directories. There are multiple version control systems, but in … Read More

What is Staging in Git

Git has a staging area that stores file changes that have not been committed yet. It is a step that allows you to continue making … Read More

What is a Git Repository

A git repository is the location where is stored the data related to your files, directories and git history for a Git Project. In this … Read More

What is Git

Git is a powerful version control system for tracking changes made to source code over time. How do programmers keep track of different versions of … Read More

How to Use Git and Github

Github Pull Requests: Fork and Merge a Repository (step-by-step)

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a simple pull request on Github. For this to be clearer, I have my friend’s account … Read More

Create an Delete a Branch on Github Repository

On Github, you can easily create or delete branches from a Git Repository. What Are Branches? Branches are virtual environments that you can make changes … Read More

How to Push Code to Github (From Git Bash and VSCode)

Here is how you can upload a file or a folder to your Github repository using Git Bash and VSCode. To push code to a … Read More

Clone a Github Repository on Your Computer (with Example) – Windows

You have created a repository on Github and want to create a local copy on your computer? We will use the git clone command in … Read More

How to use Git and Github With VSCode

How to Push to Github (from VSCode) – Create Projects and Repositories

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a code editor that helps you to develop, run and debug code with built-in syntax highlighting, code completion and commit … Read More

Install Git and Github in VSCode

The first step to being able to use Github with VSCode is to set-up Git on your computer and enable in it VSCode. This post … Read More

Advanced Tips and Other Git Commands

Git Clone Command: How to Clone a Git Repository (Remote and Local)

In this tutorial, you will learn about how to use the git clone command to clone an existing repository from a remote. Cloning a repository … Read More

What is the Git Diff Command (with Examples)

Git diff is a Git command that can be used to compare differences between files. The git diff command runs a diff function on the … Read More

How to Use Gitignore to Ignore Files in Github (with .gitignore Template)

The .gitignore file is useful to specify what you want, and what you don’t want to be committed to Github.

Interesting Work in the Git Community

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