Learn Git and Github (Complete Guide)

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Web developers need to learn Git and Github. That is a no brainer.

There are also good reasons for others working in the web to start learning how to use Github.

Why Use Git and Github?

  1. It is a fantastic way to collaborate on web projects.
  2. You’ll always have a backup what you are working on and will never loose previous versions of your work.
  3. You’ll grow faster by being able to leverage code written by others to build your own projects.

Getting Started With Git

My advice to you is to use VSCode with Github as is makes it easier to work projects and commit to Github without remembering all the commands.

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It is good to learn those commands anyway to understand better how to use version control.

Become a Git Master

Although very powerful, Git is very complex. I highly recommend that you follow Datacamp’s Git course to really become comfortable with Git commands and avoid painful mistakes.

Git Guide With VSCode

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Clone a Github Repository on Your Computer

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Git Guide Using GitBash

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