THE 10 BEST Google Patents (For SEO)

In this tutorial, you will discover many SEO insights that can be understood from reading Google Patents.

This series is in honour of the great pioneer Bill Slawski and its avid followers such as Koray Gubur.

The Most Interesting Google Patents for SEO

Here is a list of the most interesting Google patents to start reading first for SEO professionals are:

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  1. The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine (Original PageRank)
  2. Multi-stage query processing system and method for use with tokenspace repository (Query Processing)
  3. Document Scoring Based on Query Analysis (Ranking based on Query Interpretation)
  4. Ranking documents based on user behavior and/or feature data (Reasonable Surfer)
  5. Batch Optimized Render and Fetch Architecture (Rendering)
  6. Scheduler for search engine crawler (Crawling)
  7. Systems and methods for determining document freshness
  8. Phrase-based indexing in an information retrieval system
  9. Synonym identification based on co-occurring terms (Hummingbird)
  10. Ranking Search Results by Navneet Panda (Panda)
  11. Contextual Estimation of Link Information Gain
  12. Modifying search result ranking based on implicit user feedback (Short click, Long Click)
  13. User-context-based search engine (macro/micro context, possibly rankbrain)
  14. Search result ranking and presentation (semantic/entity oriented search)

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