Create a Repository on Github

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This post is part of the complete guide on Git and Github

A repository on Github is like a folder that lets you organise your project. It contains all the files and versions for that specific project. This post will show you how to create a repository on Github.

Create your first repository on Github by following these steps.

Step #1: Create a Project

Click on “Start a project” or click on “New repository” in the top right of the page.

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Step #2: Give your repository a name

Now give a name to your repository. Make it clear, so you can remember what is all about. As you work on multiple projects, and change organisations, you might start feeling confused. I tend to organise by tool I use (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, etc.)

Make it private if you want.

Step #3: Initialize this repository with a README

This is only to make it shorter. The Readme will let you add information about what you project is about.

Step #4: Create repository

Click on “Create repository”.

Create your first repository on Github
Create your first repository on Github

Congratulations! You have created your first repo!

First repository created on Github