BrightonSEO 2019 Slides & Videos

Brighton SEO has been a massive year in 2019 with speakers John Mueller, Darren Shaw and Fili Wiese.

Unfortunately, being thousands of miles away, I couldn’t go, like many of you guys!

But, thanks to Authoritas, it’s possible to watch the leading SEO conference of 2019 right here.

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In this post, I gathered the links to the presentations of this year’s BrightonSEO conference so you can enjoy from the comfort of your office!

BrightonSEO Podcasts

All presentations are converted into podcasts for your enjoyment. 2019’s are not out yet but make sure to keep a close watch. See BrightonSEO Podcasts.

Part 1 of Brighton SEO Online Video

Part 2 of Brighton SEO Online Video

Izzy Smith

Driving Meaningful Clicks with Enriched SERPs
SEO Manager at Sixt
Starting: 3:00

Emily Potter

Featured Snippets: The Achievable SERP Feature?
Consultant at Distilled
Starting: 24:43

Kenichi Suzuki

A Structured Data Case Study: How to Make Your Websites Stand Out in Search
Faber Company Inc
Starting: 42:10

See Kenichi Slides

Christoph C. Cemper

Improve Your Rankings With Internal Link Building
CEO of DataGeek
Starting: 42:10

Fili Wiese

Why I Adore Sitemaps, An Ex-Google Engineer’s Love Story
Search Brothers
Starting: 1:34:54

Razvan Gavrilas

Building an SEO Exponential Growth Model By Closing Your Content Gaps
Founder of CognitiveSEO & BrandMentions
Starting: 1:54:00

Q&A With Fili Wiese

Search Brothers
Starting: 00:00

Fili Wiese talk about Google penalties and how to resolve them. Is Google holding a grudge? No!

If you can’t prove it, you can’t penalize

Fili Wiese

Paola Didonè

Competitor Analysis: A Structured Method
SEO Analyst at Distilled
Starting: 12:14

Lana Burgess

Killer competitor content research and strategy
Starting: 29:53

Alexandre Sigoigne

Build your new e-commerce content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysis
CEO & Co-founder at myposeo
Starting: 47:09

Q&A With Paola Didonè

SEO Analyst at Distilled
Starting: 1:26:27

Paola Didonè talk about PPC, organic Growth and the massive barrier to entry on Amazon.

PPC could be easy if you throw money at it… A lot of money!

Paola Didonè

Marcus Tober

Huge SEO Success Stories And What You Can Learn From Them
Chief Innovation Officer at Searchmetrics
Starting: 1:53:09

To download the SearchMetrics BrightonSEO 2019’s presentation just fill-in the form on

Alexandre Sigoigne

Drive Big Site SEO Impact In Google’s Linkless Algorithm
Director at QueryClick
Starting: 2:16:54

Chris Liversidge Brighton SEO

To download the Queryclick BrightonSEO 2019’s presentation just fill-in the form on

Patrick Reinhart

Forget Alexa, The Voice Search Devices Of The Future
VP, Digital Strategies at Conductor
Starting: 2:37:45

Q&A With Patrick Reinhart

VP, Digital Strategies at Conductor
Starting: 3:02:38

Patrick Reinhart talks about his own story and how he ended up in SEO and the future of Alexa.

SEO Expert, Speaker, & Kindness Enthusiast

Patrick Reinhart

Keynote and Q&A With John Mueller

Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google
Starting: 3:13:05

John Mueller talks about his role at Google and discusses the lately very popular theme of the rel=”next” rel=”prev”. 

I am just trying not to get fired!

John Mueller

Hannah Smith asked John Mueller his view on the fact that content owners are claiming that featured snippets (position 0) are stealing website owners their traffic. Not so surprising, the answer is not so satisfying for content owners…

Claire Carlile

10 Do’s and 5 Don’ts for Small Biz Local SEO Success
Claire Carlile Marketing

Olga Andrienko

Uncovering SERPs: What happens in Search Right Now and how to benefit from it.
Head Of Global Marketing at SEMrush

Mauro Cattaneo

Why Hrefland is Crucial to International SEO Success
SEO Performance Manager at Webcertain

Steff Preyer

Voice Visibility: Tracking Voice. Results on Google & Alexa
Business Director at Rabbit & Pork

Areej AbuAli

Restructuring Websites to Improve Indexability
Head of SEO at Verve Search

Sam Morton

10 Tips to Scale Link Building For Your Clients
Client Services Director at Click Intelligence

Rachel Costello

Speed & Performance Optimisation: How to Meet Users’ High Expectations
Technical SEO & Content Manager at DeepCrawl

Luke Hay & Michelle Wilding-Baker

Why UX is SEO’s Best Friend

Jeroen Maljers

Turning your data into compelling stories
Managing Director at Swydo

Tanesha Marie Stafford

Turning your data into compelling stories
Founder of Armchair Marketing

Tanesha Marie Stafford

The Most Popular Influencer Is Almost Never the One You Really Need
General Manager of Social Media & Influencer Marketing at Webcertain

Valentine Lacour

The Impact of Translation on SEO
Business Solutions Executive at Webcertain

Marco Bonomo

5 Time-Saving SEO Alerts to Use Right Now
Senior SEO Planner at MediaCom

Sabine Langmann

Screaming Frog + Xpath: A Guide to Analyse the Pants Off Your Competition

Eli Zheleva

Using data to keep your customers happy

Marketer, Mentor, Speaker, Author

Coral Luck

How to Repurpose Existing Content to Help With Your Strategy

Head of Content at Ricemedia UK

John Warner

Why Google isn’t giving update advice anymore

Senior SEO, Marketing & Content Executive at Click Consult

Lily Ray

Why Google isn’t giving update advice anymore

SEO Director at Path Interactive

Ric Rodriguez

Maximizing Media Through SEO; How To Drive More From You ATL Campaigns

SEO Director at iProspect

Rebekah Dunne

How to Marie Kondo your SEO

Digital Marketing Executive at

Oliver Ewbank

Become a Local Hero: PPC Tips to Boss Your Neighbourhood

Nils De Moor

Living on the Edge: Elevating your SEO toolkit to the CDN
Cofounder and CTO at WooRank

Anna Milburn

Harnessing the russian digital opportunity
Multilingual International Digital Marketing & Translation Expert at Webcertain

Briony Gunson

Workplace efficiency: mindset mastery and meditation
Operations Director at Pole Star Digital | Meditation Teacher with BeandDo

Alex Judd

How To Manage Your Online Reputation
GCore Business Director at Grayling

Adam Gent

The State of Pagination & Infinite Scroll
SEO Product Manager at DeepCrawl

Anders Riise Koch

Simple Ways to Visualize Your Crawl Data With No Coding Knowledge Required
SEO Director at DataWords

Tom Pool

Chrome Puppeteer, Fake Googlebot & Monitor Your Site!
Technical SEO Manager at Blue Array Ltd

Laura Hogan

Retaining Clients & Winning Back Their Trust
Owner at Milo’s Mail

George Karapalidis

Why data science analysis is better than yours!
Data Scientist at Vertical Leap

Oliver Brett

How To Make Fake News for Links
SEO Manager at Screaming Frog

That’s it! If there are any BrightonSEO 2019 presentations that I haven’t added yet. Please send me an email with a link to the presentation.

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