Projects and Resources to Learn Python SEO

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This post is part of the complete Guide on Python for SEO

If you are keen to learn Python, here are a few project ideas and Python learning resources to help you improve your Python skills.

Python Free Learning Resources

NLP with Spacy

Kaggle Learning Resources

Datacamp’s Free introduction to Python

Ranksense‘s #RSTwittorials.

Python SEO Projects

There are so many Python SEO projects that we can do, it is simply crazy.

With the community getting bigger with inspiring members like Hamlet Batista, Charly Wargnier, JR Oakes, the number of cool stuff getting out is growing at a fast pace.

I don’t have time to do it all. Thus, I am making my bucket list of Python projects that I want to try.

SEO Guide to Creating a Website Uptime Monitor Using Python

Greg Bernhardt shows us how to create and automate a simple uptime monitor using Python and MySQL.

Reorganizing XML Sitemaps with Python for Fun & Profit

Hamlet Batista is using Machine Learning to build topical sitemaps.

How to Use Python to Monitor & Measure Website Performance

Ruth Everett is showing us how to use the Pagespeed API (PSI) to automate performance metrics.

Google Search Console Clustering

Vincent Terrasi categorizes Google Search Console queries semantically using BERT.

Saving Bing Search Query Data from the Bing Webmaster Tools’ API

Martijn Scheijbeler showing how to use Python with the Bing Webmaster Tools API.

An SEO Guide for Automating GTmetrix with Python

In another fantastic post, Greg Bernhardt shows us how to automate GTmetrix using Python and store the performance data in MySQL.

An SEO Guide for Automating Screaming Frog with Python

Exciting tutorial to automate the most fantastic SEO tool there is… Screaming Frog.

Get the most out of PageSpeed Insights API with Python

Daniel Heredia Mejias has made a great tutorial using the PageSpeed Insights API.

The Comprehensive Guide To Google Sheets With Python

In this video tutorial, James Phoenix is exploring how to use google sheets with python.

This is it for my list of Python for SEO resources. If you have any resources that I might have missed. Please share it to me via LinkedIn or Twitter.