Request Access to the AdWords API (Simple Guide)

You want to make API calls from Google AdWords API and you are asked to request access. Indeed, as stated on the official Adwords API documentation, you need to be granted access to the API.

“To use the AdWords API, you must request and be granted access


Step 1: Create a Google Ads manager Account

Before you can request access, you need a Google Ads Manager Account. You can learn how to create a Manager Account easily and set-up isn’t too hard.

Step 2: Request access to the Google Ads API

#1 Sign-in Google Ads and select go to your newly created Manager Account. You’ll find this by clicking on your profile picture on the top right, under “Ads Accounts”.

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#2 Go to the API center by clicking on “tools” > “setup” > “API Center”.

Select the API Center

#3 Fill-in the API Access Form to create an AdWords test account

Request API Access

#4 Apply for Basic Access to the AdWords API (optional)

If you plan on using adwordsR package in R, you need to make a Google AdWords API Token Application. Go in Access level and Apply for Basic Access.

#5 Save your Developer Token

Save Developer Token

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That’s it, you’ve managed to gain access to the Google AdWords API and are now ready to make API calls from R.

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