What is Google Chrome Omnibox?

The Google Chrome Omnibox is the Google Chrome Address bar.

The US VS Google trial was mentioning improving ranks of the Omnibox. But what is Google’s Omnibox?

What is Google’s Chrome Omnibox

Google’s Omnibox is the Google Chrome’s Address bar that can take a URL as well as a search query as an input.

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In the trial paper, Google mentions that the omnibox is the “more search results and nudging search at the top”.

In reality, according to this patent and this patent the Google’s Chrome Omnibox is the field in which a user may enter a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or a search query. It is the “joint search and address input field”.

The omnibox is only one of the multiple search access points that can lead to a search.

Source: US v Google

Why Google’s Chrome Omnibox is Important in Search

Google is making deliberate efforts to increase search query volume (SQV) by adding more and more search features to the Chrome Omnibox. Here is an example where Barry Schwartz reported on Thumbnails showing in Chrome’s Omnibox.

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