How to Apply for a Twitter Developer Account (with Example)

To use the Twitter API, you will need to apply for a Twitter Developper Account.

I will share some examples of answers to the questions and the steps to get your account approved.

This tutorial is part of the complete guide on the Twitter API with Python.

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Apply for Access to the Twitter Developer Account

To apply for a Twitter developer account, go to the Twitter developer console and “Apply for access”.

Then a few forms are required to fill.

Basic Info

You will need to validate your Twitter account with a phone number.

Example of Answers

Intended Use

Here you need to be thorough.

Here are my approved answers.

In Your Words

I have a blog and want to educate users how to use the Twitter API with Python. 

I will build a basic bot that shares my favourite wikipedia articles, quotes from people who inspire me and links of my favorite authors' blog RSS feed. I will use the bot to follow 200 users and favorite the latest post from a 3 random screen_names per day.

I plan to post 2-3 times a day and keep using Twitter like I normally would without a bot.

Are you planning to analyze Twitter data? Yes

I plan to do text analysis with Python and potentially build machine learning algorithms based on Twitter Data. I am interested in doing sentiment analysis and marketing analysis.

I will potentially make reports on:
Tweet length VS favorite count
Twitter users who share the most on a given subject
Sentiment predicting for a tweet

I will potentially extract:
tweet text
favorite count and retweet count
hashtags and mentions.

Will your app use Tweet, Retweet, Like, Follow, or Direct Message functionality? Yes

Like mentioned earlier, I will retweet and like latest post of three random users out of 200 per day.

I will have some words filters to make sure that I never share offensive or potentially controversial subjects.

I will use the API to follow everyone on interesting lists shared by my community

Do you plan to display Tweets or aggregate data about Twitter content outside Twitter? Yes

I plan to share aggregate data as examples for users of my upcoming blog. I don't however intend to create automated dashboard that consume a lot of Twitter API call.
Every API call will be done locally, or automated on a simple web server. But the aggregate of data will be for educational purposes only.

Will your product, service, or analysis make Twitter content or derived information available to a government entity? No


Now, review your information.

Accept Terms and Conditions


Confirm Your Email

Congratulations, You Now Have Access to A Twitter Developer Account

If everything went well, you show have access to a Twitter Developer Account.

The next step is to create your Twitter API credentials.

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