Random Reddit Post in Terminal
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I thought my Terminal was boring. I decided to show a random post from “r/todayilearned ” whenever I open the Terminal. Here is how you can do the same.

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Create Your Python Script

First, I created a reddit.py script to call the Reddit API using requests. All that it does is that it calls the API, and extract a random post in the subreddit.

import requests
import json 

subreddit = 'todayilearned'
count = 1
timeframe = 'day' #hour, day, week, month, year, all
listing = 'random' # controversial, best, hot, new, random, rising, top

def get_reddit(subreddit,count):
        base_url = f'https://www.reddit.com/r/{subreddit}/{listing}.json?count={count}&t={timeframe}'
        request = requests.get(base_url, headers = {'User-agent': 'yourbot'})
        print('An Error Occured')
    return request.json()

top_post = get_reddit(subreddit,count)

if listing != 'random':
    title = top_post['data']['children'][0]['data']['title']
    url = top_post['data']['children'][0]['data']['url']
    title = top_post[0]['data']['children'][0]['data']['title']
    url = top_post[0]['data']['children'][0]['data']['url']


Customize Terminal to Run the Script When it Starts

To run the script when the Terminal starts, you need to customize it.

Open your Terminal

Go to Terminal > Preferences > Profile > Shell

In the Startup > Run command box, add the command you would normally have used to run the script.

$ python /path/to/reddit.py

Reload the Terminal

Now, reload the Terminal and that’s it.

Using Python, you can now have a random post from Reddit printed in your Terminal each time you start it.