How to Set-up a Project in Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an amazing Technical SEO tool to spot issues on your website and track rankings for your keywords. Let’s see how you can set-up a new project in Ahrefs’ site audit tool.

Create a Project

Go to Site Audit > New project

Ahrefs Site Audit
Ahrefs Site Audit

Add your domain.

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Create a project in Ahrefs
Create a project in Ahrefs

Verify Ownership

Verify ownership if you want Ahrefs to be able to crawl your website faster.

Ahrefs Ownership Verification
Ahrefs Ownership Verification

Click continue

Schedule Your Crawl

Schedule your crawl when your website is not busy (usually at nights in the weekend).

Ahrefs Crawl Schedule
Ahrefs Crawl Schedule

Crawl Settings

Add “Execute JavaScript” and “Check HTTP status of external links” to your crawl settings.

This will allow you to check for JS issues and check for broken external links.

Ahrefs Settings
Ahrefs Settings

Also, you should crawl your mobile site since Googlebot is now mobile-first.

Change Ahrefs User Agent
Change Ahrefs User-Agent

Note: If you get an error, this is because Cloudflare is blocking Ahrefs crawler.

The HTTP server returned error 403: “Forbidden”. This request was likely filtered by server configuration. This website is protected by the Cloudflare firewall

To solve this, you need to create an IP access rule.

Add Keywords to Track

How do you choose the keywords to track? Here are a few tips to help you track relevant SEO data.

Quick tip: Use tags

Here I recommend that you add a tag to classify your keywords.

Over time this is going to be very useful to classify your keywords and get a real overview of your competitive market.

Add competitive keywords

Add local keywords

Add your own branded keywords

Add competitor keywords

Add Competitors

Add your closest competitors to track their rankings on your target keywords.


Your first Ahrefs project is setted-up.

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