A Tribute to Hamlet Batista

Help Hamlet Batista’s family go through the crisis

Hamlet has been both a mentor and an inspiration.

When I reached out to him as a nobody, asking for his help and he agreed instantly.

“Sure, but I am short on time. When do you need that?”

He was short on time, and still, he helped promote my work over, and over, and over, and over again without ever asking anything in return.

This is only one testament of the incredible altruism of Hamlet.

Because of Hamlet, I grew from being obsessed with building a name for myself to being obsessed with the idea of helping others.

I learned as much from Hamlet from his publications than for the drive that they gave me to push myself.

Remarkably though, his contribution that talked to me the most was not a technical one but a personal one.

In “How to Build your Personal Brand and Start a Movement” Hamlet talks about how he went from an introvert to one of the most loved public speakers in the industry.

But more importantly, he gave an insight on the way he was thinking, the way he was living, and that in itself is the biggest learning opportunity that we are losing.

He didn’t just “make a living”, he made a difference.

I end up with this last tribute to Henry D. Thoreau that I read today, which unsurprisingly fits Hamlet Batista, which tells how great a man Hamlet was:

The scale on which his studies proceeded was so large as to require longevity, and we were the less prepared for his sudden disappearance. The country knows not yet, or in the least part, how great a son it has lost. It seems an injury that he should leave in the midst of his broken task which none else can finish, a kind of indignity to so noble a soul that he should depart out of Nature before yet he has been really shown to his peers for what he is. But he, at least, is content. His soul was made for the noblest society; he had in a short life exhausted the capabilities of this world; wherever there is knowledge, wherever there is virtue, wherever there is beauty, he will find a home.

Thanks for everything,
– One of the countless people you inspired to do better

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